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This name was first a name for Alvin’s facebook page, which was created in Nov 2017.

After the separation of his team ‘ Soul D ’, Alvin continues his path on diabolo and moves on. He thinks that this decision of following his heart, somehow is partly influenced by the team. He wants to carry on the spirit and achieve the targets they were supposed to work together. This is why Alvin has a strong bond with the word ‘SOUL’.

The reason Alvin started his facebook page, is to share his life as a street performer to his friends & family, and also people who are curious about what it is about. He hopes to show his thoughts, that life is all about being true to ourselves, believing the heart towards our passion. He thought this decision of revealing his life and inner self are similar like sharing his soul to others, that’s why he named this action as ‘ Soul to Show ’.

Ever since Alvin started practising Cyr-Wheel, he learnt that in order to do a good act, it’s important to have strong body movement and expression. This is the thought he never thinks about when he performs with Diabolo. By figuring out how to put both of his speciality into one show, he thinks that these two different ‘mates’ gave him very different thoughts in his performing life stage. So, he then decided to do a show about his story as a performer, from a young boy who loves to show his diabolo tricks and get applause from the audiences, to a story- teller who wishes to show his appreciation to the audiences for lifting him up along the ‘life’ of his show.

From the stories above, Alvin knows that ‘ Soul to Show ’ isn’t just a name for facebook page anymore, it’s his motto in life. By watching his show, you’re already involved in his life, which he describes as a ‘Cahaya’, meaning lights in Malay. He wants to be your ‘Cahaya” as well, by sharing his act ‘Soul to Show’.

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2019 Korea GwangJu Fringe Festival

Technical Requirements

Space: 6 meters x 6 meters
Height: 8 meters
Floor: Hard and Flat
Show Duration: approximately 25 minutes
Set up: 30 minutes